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Go-to-Market Accelerator

Building Bridges for Sales,
Product, and Marketing

Today, we’re introducing a new service offering to help marketing and sales organizations of all sizes improve and define how they go-to-market with their products and campaigns - aligning sales, marketing, product, and customer success.

Manual Labor’s Go-to-Market Accelerator is built for business-to-business companies and CMOs as they scale and grow their companies - whether its startups with one marketing executive who is tasked with creating a marketing organization; growth companies that need to mature marketing and create more discipline; or established companies that have experienced turnover, and require a restart in their marketing operations and execution.

What We Know

Regardless of industry, the song remains the same - especially when you look at launches holistically - from pre-launch, to hitting the “go” button, and what happens after.

Many of the pitfalls include:

  • Lack of defined audience: Misalignment on the target market
  • Lack of competitive research: Differentiators are not easily articulated
  • Lack of value-based messaging: Sales team cannot speak to the product in a simple and effective way
  • Lack of coordinated GTM plan and deliverables: Collateral and assets are outdated; product awareness depends solely on PR

Our Approach

We believe the challenges are augmented by a combination or aggregate of people, process, and execution. Each piece is critical to the other. Without the right people in place (with defined roles and responsibilities), process and execution cannot optimally function as a unit. Or if it somehow gets to the finish line, balls are dropped and often results are limited.

Manual Labor’s new Go-to-Market Accelerator helps marketing organizations ramp up quickly through strategy and tactical execution.

Build > Run > Transfer

Through a consultative-first approach, we build a process, run the execution, then conduct a knowledge transfer to officially transfer responsibility back to a more sustainable and efficient team.


Phase one of the journey where we take stock of your goals, what you have, what you need, and how we plan on getting there - together.

During Build, we’ll: 

  • Define objectives, goals and strategy 
  • Conduct research of current personnel, processes, deliverables, and results
  • Develop infrastructure to support plan


Phase two of the journey is where we put the plan into practice. To drive consensus and efficiencies, we’ll simplify processes and workflows so we can hit milestones and achieve quick hits across departments. 

During Run, we’ll:

  • Establish GTM process, grading, and SLAs
  • Train sales team, collecting competitive information
  • Develop product marketing materials (messaging, data sheets, slides, and more)


Phase three of the journey where we hand off our work to an internal member of the team who we’ve partnered with to make this process and activity successful. 

During Transfer, we’ll:

  • Train and transfer knowledge on process and execution
  • Provide on the job training to ensure smooth transition
  • Be “on call” for new hires for guidance

Ultimately, we are helping to build and sustain a bridge between marketing and sales organizations that make it easier for sellers to, well, sell.

Interested in learning more about our Go-to-Market Accelerator?