Celebrating 10 Years of Sadie

Celebrating 10 Years of Sadie

Manual Labor

June 20, 2024

Sadie, Manual Labor’s Head of Security turns 10 years old today! Sadie’s birthday is the first day of summer because Sadie was rescued from Far Rockaway and didn’t not have a formal birthday on the books. So we decided the first day of summer was a fitting birthday for such a sweet and loving dog. To celebrate 10 years of Sadie, we are bringing her story to life through the art of animation and interaction. Here’s to 10 years!

Where It All Started

On February 7, 2015, Sadie was adopted from the great people at Social Tees Animal Rescue in NYC. Social Tees is a foster-based non-profit no-kill rescue who match animals with the best family to meet their needs. We are so blessed Sadie has made our way to us through their amazing work. Fun fact, Sadie was temporarily named Sena while at Social Tees and was given the name Sadie by her foster mom.

Best Friends Fur-Ever

Sadie was so excited to be adopted by her loving parents, Sam and Todd. Not only did they provide her with treats, toys, and a comfortable bed, but they also gave her a dog family she could have only dreamed of! Dunkin and Donuts are Sadie’s fluffy cousins in New Jersey, and Patches is Sadie’s cousin and neighbor in Brooklyn. The four dogs are bonded by cousinly love and are so fortunate to have each other.

Where to Spot Sadie

Just like us humans, Sadie has to get her steps in! Some of her favorite places to go for W-A-L-K-S are to pass the Instagram famous Manhattan bridge photo-op, the rocky east coast beaches, and the piers in Dumbo. She can be spotted barking at pigeons or anything on wheels. Sadie will sometimes take her emotional support Lamby toy for the walk as well.

An Inspiration to Us All

Throughout the years, Sadie has proven to be a muse for many of her talented artist friends. We could open an art gallery based on Sadie artwork alone!  Whether it is an oil painting, pencil sketch, cardboard sculpture, or even a tattoo, Sadie’s adorable face is forever immortalized through the magic of art.

Shoutout to the amazing artists: Kenny Doss, Luca Font, Kayla Park, Marlowe Harris, Tiny Fur Friends, and Tough Guy Goods.

Celebrating 10 Years

Ten years goes by fast when you have a loyal and loving fur baby by your side. Since coming into our lives, she has continuously brought smiles to our faces and toys to our feet. We are so blessed to have such a great Head of Security at Manual Labor. Happy 10th Birthday Sadie!

How You Can Help

Social Tees Animation Rescue relies heavily on your kind donations in order to save as many dog and cat lives as possible. Every dollar counts when it comes to veterinary expenses, foster programs, and pet supplies. #AdoptDontShop


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