“Do Great Work With Good People"™ are the words we live by and the mission of our company.

Manual Labor is as much an exercise in stereotype-shattering as it is an agency. We are a female-and minority-owned company that believes the more diverse we are, the better we do. In an industry dominated by the majority, that’s our edge.

At ML, we partner with companies as equals to execute work we care about and that, we believe, truly matters. This approach is informed by the hearts and minds doing the daily work. Above all, health is prioritized above burnout; feasibility above perfection; and the expertise of our peers above “how it’s always done.” 

Without good people, great work doesn’t happen.

We foster, grow, protect, empathize with, listen to, and hang out with our people. Diversity of thought and experience is itself central to Manual Labor. It’s not just about checking boxes. It is a core belief that we need more voices with more range to deliver the best work.

Senior Leaders


We love meeting more Good People that are as passionate as we are. Give us a shout if you want to connect and learn more about ML.