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Connect the Dots with ML: Sam Choi Cadley

Learn about ML by getting to know its #GoodPeople.

Manual Labor

April 1, 2024

Our Connect the Dots series lets us check in with our team and our #GoodPeopleNetwork and see what they’ve been up to! By asking questions, you get to know others better, create new connections, or strengthen old bonds. 
LLast time, you got to know our Junior Interaction Designer, Kayla Park. Now, it’s time to meet our Founder & CEO, Sam Choi Cadley.

What Are You Reading? 📚

I’m about 100 pages into Hanya Yanagihara’s, A Little Life. Not a light read at all but engrossing and beautifully written. I can tell it is going to be complex and an emotional journey, more to come. The beauty of reading a paperback is that there are no other distractions that can ping, buzz or light up while I’m reading and for that, I will always carry a paperback - even if it’s nearly 750 pages. 

Hanya Yanagihara’s, A Little Life
Hanya Yanagihara’s, A Little Life with my favorite book light!

What Are You Watching? 🎥

I can be a power streamer, I absolutely love watching tv. Took me a minute to fully embrace it but yes, it’s such a great way to check out after a long day. I’m late to the Abbot Elementary game and only in season 1 but it is so far it’s such  a fun watch. Quinta Brunson is a genius. Her blind optimism is hilarious and endearing at the same time. 

Short clip of dancing from Abbot Elementary.

What Are You Listening to? 🎧

When I’m working on tasks that require focused attention I love listening to classical music. There’s so much energy in each composition and yet it’s not distracting. I stumbled upon Pop Goes Classical which is the best of both worlds. It’s a great listen for inspiring ambient music! Esp if you were a Brigerton fan.

What’s one thing we should know about you that isn’t on your LinkedIn? 🤔

For someone who hates wearing socks, my sock game is strong. It all started at the NY Botanical Garden. Normally I don’t buy gift shop tchotchke but Yayoi Kusama’s exhibit was so good, I memorialized it with a pair of red polka dotted Kusama socks. Now I have close to 40 pairs but probably 15 that are mood changing.

Sam's yellow Yayoi Kasuma Socks
Yellow Yayoi Kasuma Socks!

Any last thoughts? 🧠

Not all socks are created equal 🧦!

Thanks Sam! We are obsessed with your sock collection! Stay tuned to next month’s edition to learn more about the #GoodPeople of ML!


We love meeting more Good People that are as passionate as we are. Give us a shout if you want to connect and learn more about ML.

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