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Connect the Dots with ML: Anddy Ferreira

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September 19, 2023

Every month, one member of our team or #GoodPeople Network will answer three questions: what are you reading, watching, and listening to, as well as share a hot take about something they’ve had on their minds. By asking questions, you get to know others better, create new connections, or strengthen old bonds. 

Last time, you got to know our President and CMO, Todd Cadley.  Now, it’s time to meet our Front-End Engineer, Anddy Ferreira.

What Are You Reading? 📚

I recently read The Final Revival of Opal & Nev. It explores social issues and gives a reflection and awareness about history. Personally, I feel it really shows how diverse societies can shape us and how we can evolve, with  some great exploration of music and cultures from the 70s. Added bonus: I know the author personally so it was great to pick up her book.

What Are You Watching? 🎥

Sadly, I didn't participate in Barbenheimer – instead I went on a Fargo TV binge. The show has some great writing and each season is a different story, so each story plot is unique. I think  I’m slowly adopting the Minnesota vernacular, too. Keep saying “yah” and “jeez”.

What Are You Listening to? 🎧

Hard to select music since I enjoy all genres. I'm pretty old school – I enjoy the old R&B/hip hop 90s music like Fugees, Biggie, Nas, to name a few. I also listen to Spanish singers like Romeo Santos (I'm currently listening to Formula vol. 3). When I'm trying to relax, I play some heavy metal.

Hot Take 🧯

You have to motivate yourself with challenges. That's how you know you're still alive. - Jerry Seinfeld

Challenges have always been so motivational. Sure, it’s true that the more challenges I face, the more I feel the need to check my pulse for hypertension – but challenges also make you feel alive and help you grow.

Any last thoughts? 🧠

…so what’s the deal with airplane food…?

Stay tuned to next month’s edition to learn more about the #GoodPeople of ML!


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