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Manual Labor Taps Creative Community to Launch Sticker Project and Raise Money for ACLU and World Central Kitchen

Manual Labor Taps Creative Community to Launch Sticker Project and Raise Money for ACLU and World Central Kitchen

Manual Labor

July 21, 2022

Minority- and Female-owned Creative and Marketing Agency Manual Labor Addresses Human Rights and Human Needs With New Campaign

July 21, 2022 - Brooklyn, NY - Manual Labor, a creative and marketing agency that connects business and brand, is celebrating its 10th anniversary with a design-based charity effort - the Manual Labor LOVE Sticker Project to support ACLU and World Central Kitchen. 

What is it? The physical part of the LOVE Project is a set of stickers designed around the question: 

What does LOVE mean to you? 

Who designed the stickers? Over 10 years of work as Manual Labor, the company built what it calls the #GoodPeopleNetwork —  our extended team and family that supports, educates, and inspires us. We asked 10 designers and artists from the #GoodPeopleNetwork to illustrate stickers for the Love Project - including Cey Adams, Zeph Farmby, Jason Mayden, Lisa Champ, and Shepard and Amanda Fairey-founded Studio Number One, as well as Manual Labor’s founder and CEO Samantha Choi. 

Who benefits? Through the ACLU working to protect civil liberties and the World Central Kitchen supporting global communities in need, our donations are going to the right place to make the right difference. 

To kick off the LOVE Project, in honor of our 10th Anniversary, Manual Labor will give $5,000 each to the ACLU and the World Central Kitchen, totaling $10,000. 

How can I help? Visit the Manual Labor LOVE Sticker page where participants will be guided to pick to donate $35 to either ACLU or WCK. Once a donation is made, donors can return to the LOVE Sticker page, fill out the form, and follow instructions for ML to ship the sticker set.

Samantha Choi, Founder, CEO, and Chief Creative Officer, said, “We think four simple letters can go a long way towards lifting a spirit, reminding someone they matter, or just bringing a smile and some happiness into the world. Each sticker, with its unique depiction of LOVE, represents an opportunity to make a positive impact on another human being, however big or small. Our Good People Network allows us to expand our opportunity to help two special organizations - ACLU and World Central Kitchen - that are near and dear to our hearts.”

The complete list of artists, designers, and makers include:

  • Cey Adams
  • Jason Mayden
  • Zeph Farmby
  • Studio Number One
  • Lisa Champ
  • Randi Brookman Harris
  • Koalition 
  • Kenny Doss
  • Kjersti Jorgenson
  • Samantha Choi Cadley

About Manual Labor

Manual Labor is a minority and female-owned marketing and creative company that helps organizations of all sizes connect the dots through messaging, design, and technology. Located in Brooklyn, NY, the company’s mission - “Do Great Work with Good People™” - is rooted around diversity and empathy in people, culture, and experiences. For more information, visit


We love meeting more Good People that are as passionate as we are. Give us a shout if you want to connect and learn more about ML.

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