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What's in your apps, Dani?

What's in your apps, Dani?

Manual Labor

June 3, 2020

We know the term “Work life balance” is a tricky one -- and we have to learn to juggle. Luckily, it doesn't come in the form of balls but apps. 

We asked top female leaders from our Good People network what their top three personal and professional apps are, and we are sharing them with you here. Think of this as the remote work version of “what’s in your bag?” (...Though if you’re interested in the contents of what’s in our bags, we have that, too.)

What's in your apps?

Dani Kennedy, VP of Creative at Manual Labor

The picture in the background of my home screen was taken the day before hurricane Sandy. My kids are much older now but I’ll keep this photo forever because I just love the spark in their eyes.

There’s no rhyme or reason to how I organize my apps.  I tried to organize them once but gave up and decided to rely on muscle memory to remember where things are. If this screen was grabbed a few years ago it would be full of games to keep my kids occupied.

Favorite Professional Apps:

Grammarly - I’m a proud dyslexic and I’m not afraid of admitting that writing is a challenge. Tools like Grammarly help me. 

Download Grammarly for iOS

Download Grammarly for Android

Slack - Because it’s easier than email (notice the 9,251 over my email icon) and allows me to stay in touch with work and the various design organizations that I’m a part of.

Download Slack for iOS

Download Slack for Android

Favorite Personal Apps:

Instagram - Lately I’ve been looking at art created by my oldest daughter (SVA class of 2024). I also use it to explore artists, fashion and NYC history. If I see something that a friend or colleague will like, I’ll occasionally forward a post.

Download Instagram for iOS

Download Instagram for Android

Spotify - Podcasts and music when I work or when I used to go for a run (pre-Covid). My podcast listens:

Download Spotify for iOS

Download Spotify for Android

Favorite Guilty Apps

Old NYC, Urban Archive (love seeing old NYC Streets) and Skyview (love seeing the planets, constellations and the space station).

Download Old NYC for iOS

Download Urban Archive for iOS

Download Skyview for iOS; Download Skyview for Android


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