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What's in your apps, Fern?

What's in your apps, Fern?

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May 11, 2020

We know the term “Work life balance” is a tricky one -- and we have to learn to juggle. Luckily, it doesn't come in the form of balls but apps. 

We asked top female leaders from our Good People network what their top three personal and professional apps are, and we are sharing them with you here. Think of this as the remote work version of “what’s in your bag?” (...Though if you’re interested in the contents of what’s in our bags, we have that, too.)

What's in your apps?

Fern Pucheu, Group Vice President, Global Marketing at Xandr

My home screen is a mix of folders and app-sprawl. If there are many apps that form a “cluster,” I add them to a folder. A cluster is composed of at least 3 apps. Otherwise, the apps live on their own. So for example, the Peloton and Soul Cycle apps - I am not making a folder for two apps. But if I had a few other exercise apps, then sure, let’s folder it. 😊

Favorite Professional App: I have two phones (personal vs work). My go-to work app is Slack. I'm using it a lot more these days than I did before, and still learning about the many fun features that it offers (polls, reminders, giphys…).

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Favorite Personal App: Right now my favorite personal app is Peloton. I miss SoulCycle, so I “caved” and bought the Peloton bike. It has been such a good way to release energy and take some time for myself. Glad I finally bought it. 

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Favorite Guilty App: Normally, shopping apps are my guilty pleasure. But during this time my shopping has been minimal, and I have found myself spending even more time on Instagram

In addition to the endless and mindless scroll, I have also turned to Instagram for live parties – either by bands (lots of great Brazilian artists have been doing live concerts from home, what a treat!) or by DJs. Shout out to my fave, DJ Hesta Prynn (@hestaprynnmusic) who has been hosting dance parties every day at noon. They have become a must for me, and a great way to break up the work day. 

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