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Project Overview

Understanding the power of user-generated content (UGC), software company, EnTribe helps brands connect and organically grow their community. The company looked to Manual Labor to help define who EnTribe is, and strategically demonstrate the power of their UGC technology through great visuals and words, and amplify that through proper go-to-market tactics.

Educating brands why community matters

As brands continue to find their way in cultivating community, Manual Labor partnered with the EnTribe team to lay the proper journey on its website. With EnTribe, brands can easily understand the importance of what user generated content can do in building community, how it can drive revenue, and quickly grow customer lifetime value.

Grab to Scroll

Building the right marketing cadence

As the marketing world continues to move away from influencers and more to organic user generated content to help tell stories for brands, EnTribe looked to Manual Labor to create the right, systematic cadence of content and assets for quicker engagement. By establishing a simple and consistent way to connect with brands, EnTribe has been able to grow their business while honing in the early adopters today and target customers for the future.

There has been a tremendous shift in how we leverage people to tell the stories for the brands we love the most, and EnTribe is on the forefront of that change. Manual Labor has been a strategic partner who helped us tell that story visually and verbally across a number of  channels and assets. Their understanding of our business has helped us build the right customer journeys so they can see the total value of what EnTribe brings in community marketing.

Adam Dornbusch
CEO & Founder


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