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What's in your apps, Nadia?

What's in your apps, Nadia?

Manual Labor

June 3, 2020

We know the term “Work life balance” is a tricky one -- and we have to learn to juggle. Luckily, it doesn't come in the form of balls but apps. 

We asked top female leaders from our Good People network what their top three personal and professional apps are, and we are sharing them with you here. Think of this as the remote work version of “what’s in your bag?” (...Though if you’re interested in the contents of what’s in our bags, we have that, too.)

What's in your apps?

Nadia Basil, Senior Director of Marketing at Manual Labor

This homescreen is a sobering wake-up call to both charge my phone and listen to some voicemails.

Favorite Professional App: Slack. Easy to stay notified on-the-go, meaning from my living room to the grocery store.

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Favorite Personal App: Lumosity - A fun selection of brain-training games. It’s a nice cognitive break from work.

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Favorite Guilty App: Pinterest for sure. One of my favorite quarantine activities has been illustrating, and there’s no shortage of inspiration and ways to discover local artists. (Check out Enya Todd’s amazing work!!) 

And, in moments of self-reflection, I can look at Pinterest boards set-up in 2009, where my favorite color scheme was the ever subtle turquoise gold and hot pink. Though saved images on boards are eternal, tastes have thankfully evolved. 

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