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What’s in your bag, Todd?

What’s in your bag, Todd?

Manual Labor

May 4, 2020

At Manual Labor, we’re all about transparency - communicating openly with both our teams and clients. And what better way to practice transparency than exploring and exposing the inner workings of our bags?

From essential items (laptop, pens, wallet — check) to surprising items, we’re taking a closer look at the always-carried-items from the Manual Labor team and beyond.

Bag in the Spotlight:

Todd Cadley, President & CMO

What’s in your bag?

  • MacBook Air laptop, circa 2015
  • Notebooks (one for client work, one for journal)
  • Keychain (it's also a beautiful bottle opener I received from my wife as a wedding present)
  • Pens (multiple pens: always have plan A, B, and C if one stops working)
  • Loose change
  • Eyeglass shammy
  • Sunglasses
  • Tech pack (external battery chargers, power cords - see answer in “Pens”)
  • Hat (Turntable Lab - great record and music store located in the East Village of NYC)
  • Every possible headphone (Apple AirPods, Bose wireless tethered, old wireline Apple earbuds, new wireline earbuds - see answer in “Tech pack” and “Pens”)

What can't you live without:

Eyeglass shammy - feel naked without it.

What’s the most surprising thing you carry?

Amount of phone chargers. Have a little OCD about relying on OPP - other people’s power.

What bag holds all of this great stuff?

After searching for a work backpack for so long, I was surprised when Sam came back from Japan with the perfect bag for me. It has all the right places to put my necessary "stuff" and it came with colorful zip tags that make it pop off of the black bag.


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