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What's in your apps, Sam?

What's in your apps, Sam?

Manual Labor

May 5, 2020

We know the term “Work life balance” is a tricky one -- and we have to learn to juggle. Luckily, it doesn't come in the form of balls but apps. 

We asked top female leaders from our Good People network what their top three personal and professional apps are, and we are sharing them with you here.

Think of this as the remote work version of “what’s in your bag?” (Though if you’re interested in the contents of what’s in our bags, we have that, too.)

What's in your apps?

Sam Choi Cadley, CEO & Chief Creative Officer of Manual Labor

When it comes to folders vs. leaving apps in the wild, I am definitely on the side of grouping my apps. If I could reduce my homescreen to one screen, I would. Haven’t gotten there yet, but there is a digital Kondo moment happening soon.

Favorite Professional App: My work Gmail is probably my most used app. It doesn’t help that I have the notification set to pop-up on my homescreen. I just like to know if something work-related has come through and if it’s important.

Some may call checking notifications FOMO in the traditional sense (Fear of Missing Out), but I see it as Figuring Out My Options. It’s having a sneak peek so important emails don’t go unaddressed, while not having to read everything. That could explain why I have so many unread emails, LOL. 

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Favorite Personal App: Perhaps it’s a sign of the times, but lately I’ve been obsessed with the New York Times cooking app.

Not only are there really good recipes, but the experience is nice. The search/filter is simple yet detailed, and it’s the closest thing to a recipe box our parents used to have (except with beautiful photography). I love saving recipes. While I don’t remember saving 97 dessert recipes (but knowing my love of desserts), it’s very likely I did during a blackout moment of craving sweets. 

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Favorite Guilty App: Etsy. It’s like going to the best market in the world, but never leaving your couch. There are really talented artists and collectors on this app. For example, I’ve had custom cushions made and purchased vintage watering cans.

I always say that if I can’t find something online, ‘Etsy will make it!’ If you can think of it, there’s someone on the other end of this app that can make it.

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