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Project Overview

In the world of 5G, the words ‘transformation’ and ‘connection’ carry a lot of weight - and real impact. Alef, a pioneer in mobile edge computing, needed to ensure its brand reflected the opportunity and momentum: the art of the possible.

Alef’s leadership and marketing teams partnered with Manual Labor to re-brand, re-position, and launch Alef to drive the next mobile wave of technological innovation that improves the way we live, work, play - a $4.1 trillion economy by 2030.

Atom sheet graphic for the Alef website design. Mockup of a black cap with the Alef logo. Mockup of an Alef advertisement. Mockup of a smartphone displaying the Alef website.

Making a Mark on the Edge

The Alef mark is bold and confident, and represents what is core to Alef: mobile connection. Leading with a strong mark represents an undeniable trajectory and signals security and growth on the edge.

A teal node in its perfect circular form represents the ancient figure of human connection. The word mark announces Alef’s name with conviction in a solid, clean sans-serif that reinforces the positive angle of the mark. As a lockup the mark and name create an A, where, independently, they hold their own identity. In this way, the logo is a graphical representation of Alef’s mission: to build the unbuildable, give access to the inaccessible, and redefine what it means to be connected.

Grab to Scroll
A graphic showcasing the new Alef website.

Inviting Digital Connection

The Alef website needed to strike the right balance: building upon the sense of exploration and innovation evoked by the logo while dialing up the technical prowess of the company’s technology. The use of dot-mesh patterns invoke a tech-driven, “what’s next?” feel, creating visual interest and subtly guiding the reader down the page. Pulsing orbs and images capture attention and provide emphasis. A mix of architectural and lifestyle photography juxtaposes motifs of solid infrastructures alongside a softer, human connection.

A graphic showcasing Alef branded collateral.
Logo for Argos. Mockup of an Argos branded sweatshirt. Mockup of a laptop displaying the Alef website.

Argos Developer Community

Argos is Alef’s emerging developer community where its participants can explore, create, and share new innovations for edge and 5G solutions.  

In naming this community, it needed to evoke this spirit of the developer community. ‘Argos’ takes inspiration from Greek mythology. From Jason’s trusted vessel and its builder to a many-eyed giant, Argos alludes to a sense of adventure and opportunity.

The letter ‘A’ in Argos forms an eye-like icon, nodding to the all-seeing Greek god while also mirroring brackets used in coding.

Mockup of a laptop displaying the Alef website.
The advent of edge computing has radically opened doors to new possibilities. We needed a partner that quickly understood our technology and up-level it in a way that was digestable and compelling. The team at Manual Labor did just that and more, helping us quickly expand, and challenged us around the art of our own possibility.

Jeff Tennery
COO, Alef


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