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Project Overview

Blockgraph is a technology company that makes the future of data-driven TV advertising possible. Owned by Comcast NBCUniversal, Charter Communications, Inc. and Paramount, Blockgraph’s Identity Operating System creates and implements privacy-focused targeting and measurement solutions.

Looking to up-level the brand and product narrative, the company partnered with Manual Labor to elevate the visual and verbal messaging on Blockgraph’s website and marketing assets.

Graphic created displaying the Blockgraph logo and electrical connections.
Atom sheet graphic for the Blockgraph website design. Graphic showing Blockgraph's logo and connectivity.
Laptop mockup displaying Blockgraph site.

Delivering a Key Visual & Verbal Language

Blockgraph’s mission was to simplify the complexity of how TV audience reach and measurement happened at scale.

By visualizing how the complex data-driven TV/video advertising solution worked, Manual Labor built a design system for Blockgraph’s technology, simplifying their platform and solutions while delivering a more impactful user journey. Brand voice and tone were also refreshed and updated across all marketing collateral.

Grab to Scroll
A graphic showcasing the new Blockgraph website.
Graphic showing the steps businesses can take through Blockgraph's platform.Graphic showcasing measurement via Blockgraph. Graphic displaying relevant connections via Blockgraph's platform. Graphic displaying all relevant icons for the Blockgraph website.

A Solution of Simplicity

The technology behind Blockgraph’s Identity Operating System (IDoS) is flexible, powerful yet complex. Working with the Blockgraph team, Manual Labor created a design system and ownable iconography that allowed for easy storytelling of the complexity that lies under the hood of their IDoS. Simplifying key solutions and how the technology worked through the unique design system allowed for modularity and an accelerated understanding of Blockgraph’s value proposition.

Mockups of Blockgraph branded business cards. Mockups of a laptop showcasing Blockgraph marketing collateral. Screenshots of the new Blockgraph website.
Our results

28.8% increase in new users

8.95% increase in pageviews

20.2% increase in sessions

The convergent TV market is ripe with opportunity, but fraught with confusion and a lack of clarity. Manual Labor was able to work with us and tell our story in a compelling and visual way. This gave us the necessary building blocks to advance our story, separate us from other solutions, and give the ecosystem a clear path to joint success.

Jason Manningham
Chief Executive Officer, Blockgraph


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