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Project Overview

In 2004, Todd Nickey and Amy Kehoe launched their namesake design studio and boutique, offering customers a peek into their creative minds as they sourced the world for inspiration and unique finds.

Recreating this experience online required Manual Labor to understand how to deliver the same 'wonder and discovery' the boutique has come to be known for while providing a frictionless e-commerce experience.

Photo of the interior of a home, possibly study.
Atom sheet graphic for the Nicky & Kehoe website design. A graphic with the branded font for Nickey & Kehoe. A graphic of a floral pattern. An illustration of a room with windows and a table.

Designing for Wonder

Connecting with audiences and customers is about more than a website and Instagram account; it’s about providing a consistent and memorable experience at every touch point - in person, online, and in the store. To accomplish a consistent experience, Manual Labor worked with Nickey Kehoe to launch a new ecommerce website through the eyes of the boutique. The website highlights both the craftsmanship of the Nickey Kehoe Collection, the image style and color palette highlighted in the details of each piece, and focuses on Todd and Amy’s design services.

Grab to Scroll
A graphic showcasing the new Nickey & Kehoe website.
Photo of yellow and green post-its on a wall. Photo of a mockup iPad displaying the Nickey & Kehoe website.
Collage of photos that showcase the Nickey & Kehoe brand.

Experience Meets ECommerce

Working in partnership with Nickey Kehoe, the Manual Labor team helped map a new shopper journey that reinterpreted how owners Todd Nickey and Amy Kehoe wanted to sell online – delivering the unique in-store experience to customers on their ecommerce site.

This collaborative workshop resulted in an end-to-end user journey and site map that delivered the in-store experience online.

Our results?

61% increase in total sales

80% increase in online conversion rate

24% increase in average order value

As our physical doors closed during Covid, Manual Labor helped launch our ecommerce shop at the perfect time. Their creative and strategic partnership was critical as we've continued to grow our business during these challenging times.

Todd Nickey
Owner, Nickey Kehoe


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