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Project Overview

As one of the largest audio streaming and media service providers, Spotify aimed to accelerate their B2B advertising business with strategic creative, messaging, and sales enablement tools.

Spotify’s Americas B2B sales team partnered with Manual Labor to empower and excite their sales teams with key messaging, assets, and branded events to elevate the business unit and empower their global teams.

Graphic for Spotify for brands.
Mockup of a Spotify excellence graphic.  Mockup of a Spotify branded wall decal.Mockup of Spotify icons.

Delivering Excellence

A global sales conference is about sharing where the brand is going, the opportunities that lie ahead, and bringing together a team that leaves empowered and excited. From delivering a creative concept to art directing, design, swag, and presentation decks, ML delivered a 360-degree experience that united team members from around the world under a single concept, Excellence.

Mockup of Spotify branded wall decals. Mockup of a Spotify branded door decals. Mockup of a Spotify branded step & repeat graphic.
Mockup of an iPad with a Spotify infographic displayed.

Designing for Data & Sales

Whether it was in preparation for an independent business conversation or Fortune 500 enterprise presentation, ML worked with the Americas sales teams to create key sales enablement tools that highlighted the power of Spotify’s advertising platform. Through strategic narrative and design, ML equipped the sales teams with assets that presented the power of the Spotify platform for brands looking to connect with their customers.

Graphic of a Spotify Xlecerate sign. Atom sheet graphic for the Spotify brand work. Mockup of a Spotify branded notecard.

Accelerating Excellence

As a result of the success of their Excellence sales offsite, the B2B Spotify sales teams looked to Manual Labor as continued strategic partners for creative and experiential execution. ML was engaged to brand events that followed, from concept to creative, swag, and all additional experiential artifacts that delivered an immersive experience.

Mockup of a Spotify branded coasters.Mockup of a Spotify branded patterns.
Mockup of a Spotify branded tape.
Our partnership with Manual Labor is built on a combination of collaboration, awareness and accountability. Because of this, they’ve brought a new level of creativity and messaging to our sales team that has helped us tell a more comprehensive story to our clients. Any type of request we throw over to them, they not only catch, but exceed our expectations. Their ability to adapt and work with our team has made them an invaluable resource.

Liberty Kelly
Former Head of Americas Sales, Spotify


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