• Naming
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Identity
  • Position, Messaging & Tone of Voice
  • Design Systems
  • Website Design
Project Overview

Atlas School in Tulsa, Oklahoma is a place for every day Tulsans to find their path to a career in tech.

Originally a part of the Holberton School network, Atlas School launched in January 2024 as an independent institution with the help of Manual Labor.

Through strategy, naming, positioning and identity a new brand was launched. Built on the foundations of collaboration, empowerment, growth, grit, and ingenuity; Atlas School is developing leaders and problem solvers in an innovative and creative community.

More than just a name

The Atlas School name and brand was born from the idea that each student owns their destiny and the path begins here. Atlas School provides students with the map to a career in computer science but they define where they go through education and learning by doing.

Symbols like Lumi the mascot, street maps, patterns, messaging, and even some easter eggs, are woven throughout the brand visually to reinforce this idea.

A destination for coding in Tulsa is the digital face of the new brand and the website serves as a destination for prospective students, current students, faculty, and employers looking to hire. One can find information about current programs being offered, check out forthcoming events, and even apply for admission.

Manual Labor helped bring the brand to life through the website by designing wireframes, mockups, key modules and working prototypes in Figma.

Grab to Scroll

Pen, paper and some pixels

Running a school requires more than just a brand and a website. Atlas School needed the new brand implemented in the day-to-day tangibles required to operate. Manual Labor delivered by designing presentation templates, badges, letterhead, business cards, signage, social assets, and more.

Building culture and community

At first glance a sticker may seem to be a just that, a sticker.

However, Atlas School and Manual Labor saw the opportunity and power of swag in it’s ability to foster culture, community, and a sense of pride for a new brand amongst students and faculty alike.

Manual Labor understood who we are and where we are headed, which clearly shows in our Atlas brand! The team integrated perfectly with our key stakeholders and were able to take us through the journey to make everything come to life.

Libby Ediger,
CEO and Executive Director


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