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Project Overview

Refine the brand identity and digital destination of Market Street to honor its 100+ year legacy while demonstrating the timelessness and innovation that will allow it to endure for 100 more years.

The Market Street Foundation

A stamp of guarantee and excellence, the Market Street visual identity bridges the 100 year-old brand with their history of innovation and service. A strong emblem and badge is a confident nod to their legacy and permanence.

Grab to Scroll

Capturing the Client Experience

Market Street’s heritage as a family office began in 1909, and its longevity has been a direct result of a commitment to reinvention, adaptability, and excellence. Market Street sets itself apart by focusing on its people and delivering a superior experience for its clients.

Showcasing a People-First Approach

Everyone in the walls of Market Street understood this unique value. The challenge was to build a digital destination that balanced these deep roots and passion for people with Market Street’s timeless innovation and lasting legacy.

We're so thankful to have found such an amazing team to work with; thank you again to everyone at Manual Labor for bringing this project to life with keen expertise, immense creativity, and seamless coordination.

Kara Pass
CEO & Founder


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