Gold Winner in Brilliant Use of AI • The Drum Awards for Marketing Americas 2024

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  • Graphic Design
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  • Experiential Design
Project Overview

Cognitiv, the first Deep Learning Advertising Platform, wanted to make a statement with the launch of its first brand campaign. Cognitiv knew how to talk about its products and deploy lower funnel campaigns, but the emotional brand connection had been missing.

Through in-depth discovery and brainstorming, we unlocked a concept - utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) - to explore how brands and agencies can get more time for what matters with Cognitiv. And Cognitiv's first brand campaign was born - which won The Drum's creative award for best use of AI.

Ambitious Ideas

We started our brainstorm by casting a wide net. Our inspirations for this brand campaign came from all over with goal: use bold and confident visuals that will make audiences feel something and provides a value. The qualities reflected the brand essence of Cognitiv.

The final concept took shape through iteration and evolution — and marrying the right visuals with the right words.

Authentic Insight

As we honed in on the big idea of getting more time back with Cognitiv, we translated that positive feeling into a simple strapline — Reclaim Your Brain.

The mental relief and clarity of the undistracted and creative human mind opens up a world of possibility. With Cognitiv, more was possible: more collaboration, more transformation, more reflection, more festivity… while circling back to the Cognitiv brand by mirroring their name.

Accelerated Iterations

At Manual Labor, we see the power of generative AI and our own brains got a boost through this powerful application. Utilizing Adobe's Firefly AI technology, it allowed our designers to be more imaginative - quickly. It gave us the ability to interpret and visualize concepts, depicting brains that feel surreal but recognizable and memorable at the same time.

Adobe Firefly

Actual Impact

From concept to production, Manual Labor helped bring this brand campaign to life on the streets of New York, across subway stations and socials, and in the digital wild. With 60 million DOOH impressions across NYC - following its initial launch, Cognitiv saw a 650% increase in organic LinkedIn searches for the company. This brand awareness campaign also recieved media coverage from MediaPost and Cynopsis Media. By creating a modular playbook, this campaign could be translated into a multichannel, multiformat execution.

Grab to Scroll

Absolutely International

Where better to showcase the power of this brand campaign than on the biggest global stage in advertising? With a sponsorship secured in the Cannes Lions festival center and the O’Lion yacht ready to set sail, Cognitiv had the perfect canvases to display its message, including the festival special edition design Manual Labor created: More Creativ.

Manual Labor was the ideal strategic partner to help us successfully launch our first brand campaign. We had high aspirations, and the Manual Labor team guided us through the brainstorming and development process to arrive at the right outcomes that fully captured our brand and the feeling we wanted to deliver to potential clients.

Justine Frostad,
SVP of Marketing


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