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Project Overview

Further equips businesses with insights that accelerate decision-making and time-to-value by merging industry expertise with technical and domain subject-matter authority.

As the company changed its name to Further, it partnered with Manual Labor to build a new visual identity and website. As a leading consultancy, their brand and front door had to represent the same level of sophistication and technical leadership that is driving them into the next wave of innovation.

Owning the known!

Further is recognized for its innovative approach and its capacity to create long-term value for its clients and partners. The company prioritizes innovation and cultivates a culture that encourages teams to be achievement-oriented, unique, and expressive.

The Manual Labor team recognized the importance of showcasing the company's pioneering spirit and what Further will adopt. The team aimed to boldly modernize the space theme by incorporating vibrant colors, patterns, and typography that truly represents the company's confident, intelligent, and optimistic culture.

Grab to Scroll

Going above, beyond, and further.

Search Discovery's website was in need update to its design, message and experience. The Manual Labor team undertook an extensive process of strategizing content and developing site-maps and wireframes. The outcome of these efforts was a reduction in the number of pages, resulting in, a more streamlined and efficient user journey experience.

Data orbs and focal points

The Further brand is committed to fostering a people-centric and collaborative business environment. Manual Labor created a design systems to achieve this goal. One of these systems are data orbs. Data orbs are circular graphics that are placed in the design to highlight important elements like statements or visuals. They are focal points that help guide the viewer's eye to the most important parts of the design.

The brand's use of data orbs isn't just a design choice, but a reflection of its ethos, which places people at the center of everything it does. By celebrating the human element behind the data, Further aims to create a collaborative environment where everyone's contribution is valued.


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