• Product/Technology Naming
  • Messaging
  • Brand Identity
  • User Interface Design
Project Overview

PMG is an award-winning independent advertising and media agency that helps brands connect with people to inspire action.

The company worked with Manual Labor to rationalize and productize its marketing intelligence platform, Alli. This partnership involved naming the product, building a sustainable way to tell the story, simplify the platform’s feature set, and improve the user interface.

Putting a Name to a Face

To differentiate PMG’s intelligence platform from market competitors, ML rationalized their offerings into comprehensive, digestible tech stacks, and named and branded Alli. This new branding for the platform further delivers on the company’s guiding principle of ‘Digital Made for Humans'.


Atom sheet graphic for the Alli brand work. A graphic showcasing the new Alli website. Mockup of a Alli branded tshirt. Mockup of a Alli branded hat. Screengrab of the new Alli website.

Rationalizing the Product

Manual Labor interviewed key PMG personnel and worked with the team to rationalize the way they can easily sell the features of their proprietary technology. Through strategic work sessions and competitive research, ML was able to clearly define PMG’s platform attributes in an easy way, while messaging the power under the hood. As a result of this clarity, ML worked with PMG’s product team to design a user interface that put the power in the customers hands so they could utilize the technology based on their specific goals and needs.

Graphic of the Alli brand description.

Positioning Alli to Win

Critical to this project, ML worked with PMG to define their messaging and build talk tracks that aligned to each target persona. ML interviewed team leads to better understand why customers need it, what the technology does, and how customers can leverage it, all to highlight the results they’ve achieved using it. As a result, Alli’s technology solutions were outlined for each key persona, equipped with battle cards against competiting tech companies or media agencies. By providing this level of detail, the PMG team were able to talk about Alli in a consistent and impactful way.


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