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  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Identity
  • Package Design
  • Website Design & Development
  • Built on BigCommerce
Project Overview

With an estimated $8B market, health trends leaning away from calorie-laden drinks, and consumers always looking for authentic, independent brands, Rubi Hard Seltzer was launched.

Manual Labor partnered with Randolph Brewery to build the Brooklyn-based brand from the ground up. In addition to the ample sampling, ML focused on setting the brand apart at every touchpoint, from the identity to the flavors and the website.

Company logo for Rubi Hard Seltzer.
Mockup of a Rubi branded tote bag.
Graphic of different items and fruits related to Rubi flavors.

World, meet Rubi.

Born to be different, Rubi came screaming onto the Brooklyn craft scene with an apathetic heart of gold. She wears a bleeding heart on her sleeve as a badge of honor, daring us to care a little less – and to never yuck someone’s yum. She likes her spicy water with some high ABV, and doesn’t really care if you don’t. Just don’t be an jerk about it.

Rubi, meet Web.

Rubi cares more about her flavors than her web presence, but she knew she needed a site because, ugh. For this first iteration Manual Labor focused on trying to make her crack a smile with some surprise-and-delight interactive elements, and it worked, we think. We have a feeling she’ll keep pushing us to break the mold.

Bringing the “core four” and beyond to life

When it comes to Rubi’s favorites, she doesn’t mess around–and neither did we. We kept things raw, rough, and ready by slapping flavor indication directly on the aluminum. No muss, no fuss. But when it’s time for a novelty drop, things run a little wild – and we let her doodle on the cans.


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