• Territory Identification
  • Naming
  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Strategy
About Xandr

In early 2018, AT&T sought to create a new advertising and analytics division as an independent brand under the leadership of former CEO Brian Lesser and former CMO Kirk McDonald. Their leadership and marketing teams partnered with Manual Labor to help launch a brand with a unique, ownable brand and name - with the introduction of it at their inaugural Relevance Conference in September 2018.

Atom sheet graphic for the Xandr website design. Graphic depicting a timeline of the work done for Xandr.

The Power of a Name

Delivering an advertising company that stands apart in a complex ecosystem required ML to look back in order to jump forward. Before defining the territories, ML and key members of the Xandr team dove into the AT&T archives to learn about one of the first, true ‘innovators,’ Alexander Graham Bell (AGB). Inspired by the spirit of AGB, ML explored the question, “Who would AGB be today and how does this new brand capture the curiosity and spirit of its founder?” Through this process, the name “Xandr'' was born.

Mockup of Xandr cards.
Photo of Xandr logo on a floral backdrop. Photo of a Xandr advertising during a conference presentation. Mockups of Xandr's website and social channels.

Making Advertising Matter

Manual Labor rolled up its sleeves to work with the senior leadership team and define the new brand, its mission, and the values it carried into their future. A successful brand launch required building internal advocates along the way. ML executed an inclusive process to extract valuable insight and vision from each of them. The outcome was a cohesive narrative that gave continuity and synergy up and down the new organization. Thus, the Xandr brand evoked the spirit of AGB’s curiosity and determination through its name and brand strategy, encapsulating this company’s purpose to ‘Make Advertising Matter.’


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